Its a Boy!

Its a baby boy! Wow…what an amazing experience our ultrasound appointment was. I was nervous about the possibility of something being wrong. But, from what the tech could tell all parts and pieces were as they should be. The appointment was a mix of excitement and relief. I didn’t think it was going to be possible to love something so much, so soon.

We were able to view 3D and 4D pictures. They made a video for us to take home and printed out a roll of pictures. Baby E. likes to sleep with his hands over his head, and he was active while the camera was rolling. He also got the hiccups while we watched. I was able to also confirm that the movement I was feeling in the upper right side of my abdomen was his feet.

Daddy was a little taken back by the experience as well. I think for both of us it was pretty overwhelming. As real as a pregnancy is for me, seeing your baby and listening to his heartbeat, watching him move like a little person on the screen…there is nothing like it.

After the appointment is when the emotional gates opened up. I think the relief of everything being ok, seeing him on the screen and realizing how real this all is, and then leaving the office just hubby and I…that was all it took for me to start bawling.

What a great day…one that I will not soon forget.


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