Intake Appointment

I had my first appointment with UCSD today.   It wasn’t with the Midwife though it was with the floor nurse.  Apparently they have implemented a new program where they require newly pregnant women to attend an intake meeting.  

They are offered once a week, and last 2 hours.  It is basically an intro to pregnancy and the UCSD system.  If it had been my first pregnancy, I would have really appreciated it a lot more. In fact, if this was my first time around, I would think it was wonderful.  However, since this isn’t my first time–it was a nice refresher course.
My first official appointment with the Midwife is next Wednesday.  Hopefully at that time she will do an ultrasound to determine a more accurate due date.  Since I had 2 periods in February, and the Ovulation test were negative during the 7 day test period, I don’t know the exact date of conception or what date I should use as my (un)official date.  
The nurse also assured me that some temporary spotting was totally normal.