Update on the Milk front

Elliott is a rock star. I know, I know, enough gushing and running on and on about my wonderful kid. But, alas I am his Momma and I cant help but ogle over him (and truth be told–most of my readers are here for him).

A couple of weeks ago, I selfishly decided that I was done pumping milk at work. So, after much agony and mental debate–we switched him over to plain organic soy milk. He loves it. After the first week on soy, we also stopped offering him a bottle, which he didn’t seem to miss at all (except when the little girl at daycare is drinking hers–then he tries to steal it from her).

I am still nursing him at least 3 times on days I work, and more on days I stay home with him. I think it is currently the best of both worlds and he doesn’t seem fazed one bit.

I cant imagine a time when I wont be nursing him…but I can now at least forecast it.


One thought on “Update on the Milk front

  1. Thank you for this blog topic. I am transitioning my son from breastmilk to a cow milk alternative and he is 11.5 months old. I, much like you, am done with pumping. I just can't do it anymore and my son is allergic to cow's milk. He broke out into hives when he received yogurt, cheese and just about anything that had cow milk in it. When I gave him a few teaspoons of cow milk to verify that he was allergic he broke out into the worst hives I had ever seen. I worried about giving soymilk too early, but it is good to see that there are others that started the transitioning process earlier than me. Thanks!!

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