Big Hole

Pink paci broken, BIG HOLE.  My son has been repeating that to himself since yesterday afternoon.  It was the last thing he said before falling asleep last night and the first thing he said this morning when he woke up.

4 days ago, I noticed that the pacifier that he sleeps with was making an odd noise.  I tested it out by sucking on it myself and sure enough it had a big hole in it.  I suspect that my son either wore it out or punctured it with his new canine teeth.  Either way, I explained to him that he cant chew or bite the pacifiers because they will break and then we wont have one any more.  
I promptly switched the broken one that was blue for a hot pink one (I had previously packed all the pacifiers away when we went to just using them at night).  The next day I inspected the newer pink one, and sure enough–another puncture hole.  This one was very small.  In a spontaneous decision I showed him the hole and explained that we couldn’t use that one anymore since it was broken and I told him we didnt have anymore.  I then secretly cut the tip off, in case he wanted to see it and I felt the need to cave.
Yesterdays nap went fine, bed time was OK.  He woke up a few times in the night asking for it, and crying a bit.  This morning he was up 1 hour earlier than usual.  He went down for today’s nap talking about the broken pink paci, BIG HOLE.  But, no tears.  
It would seem that we have effectively eliminated the paci habit with little stress or feelings of loss.  I will let you know how this evening goes or if there is any regression.

After 3 nights of sleeplessness, a very cranky toddler, and a weak consitituion–we caved and gave the pacifier back.  In all reality–he was pretty heartbroken about it’s absense.