Spencer has been precrawling for a few months now. But this week he finally took the final steps and is now officially crawling.

Unlike some babies who take a few tentative steps now and again Spencer does everything with gusto. He goes 100 miles an hour. He started crawling Thursday and by Friday I could see his main goal was to pull up on whatever he could get close to. The next day he was pulling up to his knees in his crib and today he can almost get to his feet.

He will be sitting and then push up with his hands until he is in a down dog position. He balances there for a bit and either topples over or sits down. They he will quickly crawl away.

Some kids practice and practice until they get it right. Spencer seems to want to wait until he is certain he can do it, and do it quick. Then, and only then, does he take off.

His personality is really shining through these days. His laughter is contagious but just as quick as he laughs his feelings will change and he will get pissed off about an injustice with a toy and will start whaling loudly.

What a fun kid.
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