My first flutter was felt at 16 weeks! I felt lucky to have felt it so early in my pregnancy. Over the past few weeks my boy has been moving around a lot, especially in the early evening hours! Sometimes, it’s like he is mad about being nestled in my womb, and he is kicking and punching his way around.

I want my hubby to be able to feel him kicking. I know that when he feels his first movement it will make it that much more real for us both. Hubby has started to talk to him through my belly, it is very endearing.

Last night, I had my hand on belly and was hoping to feel him kick with my hand based on the intensity that I could feel the kicks on the inside. And just as I was telling my husband that I didn’t think it was time yet…I felt him with my hand! I felt such a bond with him.

Hubby missed it, but now we know that there will be more to come shortly. I am going into my 23rd week! It is going so fast. I think I am at the stage where I don’t want it to ever end.