I grow ’em big

Elliott weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce when he was born (10 days early).  Spencer weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces (born on his due date).  Now, I am not petite or dainty by any means, but I am not obese either.  Unless you take my current weight…the extra pregnancy pounds are coming off far slower this time around than the first time.  But, this post is about my babies not my inability to fit into a single thing in my pre-pregnacy closet.  .

My point is that I grow big babies-both inside and outside the womb.  I suspect this was a contribution from my husbands side of the family, as they grow big babies too.  Having a larger baby has many positives associated with it.  They fit into their clothes sooner, they are heartier and less fragile, and they sleep better (I think).  They are also ready to eat, and eat they do!

The downside is that they outgrow many of their age appropriate things far too soon.  For example, Spencer at 6 weeks weighs about 14.5 pounds.  Yes, he is huge.  The Mini Co-Sleeper is only rated for 22 pounds.  Our infant carseat is also only rated up to 23 pounds.  By the time Elliott was developmentally ready to use a Bumpo chair, he was too big to fit into it.  Same went for the door jumper.

It is also embarrassing to have Mom’s tell me that my 6 week old is bigger than their 6 month old.  Yes, this really happened to me yesterday in Ikea.  I am flattered that my son is growing with such vigor–all because of my awesome breast milk.  But, I wonder if there isn’t something else they are trying to tell me…?  It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to go around talking about how small a person’s baby is–for all i know they may be struggling with breast feeding or having confidence issues of their own about their babies size.

And while I call my son a bruiser–please don’t call him Brutus (as in the Popeye character).