We loved eating the ears off of our first chocolate bunny.  Thank you Grandma and Bobbotz!  The book was a huge success as well.

The Easter Bunny came and brought hot wheel-diggers and real diggers (kid sized yard tools)!

Dad and Elliott smiling before we leave for our Easter Egg hunt and brunch.  Looking fancy boys!

Elliott the Egg hunter.  

Forgotten images

I was reading this post, and it prompted me to remember that I wanted to post this photo.

I thought this photo was exceptionally telling of the family that Elliott is surrounded by. These were 3 jackets he received as holiday gifts from three different family members, expressing three very different styles.


Every Thanksgiving my Granny would make a Kugel. I remember the smell of the kitchen while it was baking, the way it looked, and ummmh the way it tasted. But, my Granny must have cooked it from scratch, because I have never seen a recipe. I think I might have recreated it just right this year (my Granny passed away 10 years ago, and I have been trying every year since).

Mix all ingredients together:
2 small bags of Egg Noddles (cooked)
20 oz cottage cheese
20 oz sour cream
1 package of cream cheese (chopped up)
1/2 package of Velveeta (chopped)
raisins (golden are my preference)
3 beaten eggs
1 C Milk
Cinnamon and sugar to taste (the kugel should be slightly sweet)

Melt a few tablespoons of butter in a deep pan. Line the bottom with a light layer of crushed corn flakes. Poor Kugel in, crush corn flakes lightly on top.

Bake for 45-60 minutes at 375 degrees until golden brown and warm throughout. Allow time to set up and cool. Serve with meal.