14 week update

Now that my morning sickness is gone (for the most part), this pregnancy seems to be moving along pretty quickly!  I have now moved on to new aches and pains–the heart burn has begun, but only at night.  I have had one sleepless night due to restless leg syndrome.  I am exhausted most days–not tired, but just fatigued.  And, the worst new complaint is I feel like my back is going to give out.  It is twinge-y (is that a word?) and aches day and night.  I know that this is likely due to the baby pushing on my lower back and pelvis.  But, sheesh, already–enough.

I haven’t mentioned Elliott or given any status updates on his amazing development in a LONG time. There is so much to share.  He is talking like crazy, 4 and 5 letter sentences, using I and me when he speaks about himself.  He talks about things he sees, what he wants, and makes solid decisive decisions when given a couple of options.  He knows his ABC’s- both the song and he can identify most letters by sight.  He can do the same for numbers up to 10.  And can count forward and backward.  This kid has the most amazing memory for people’s names.
He fell off of a small curb in Balboa Park a few weeks ago and couldn’t stand on his foot or walk. So, I took him to the doctor and she wanted him to get a couple of X-rays.  We went to the X-ray place, and because I am pregnant I couldn’t go in with him.  I told him the tech’s name (Bryant), and said he would take good care of him and I stepped outside of the door.  The process lasted only a few minutes and then we were on our way.  I reminded Elliott to say Thank You and Bye Bye.  So, he says, “Bye Bye Bryant” and waves as we are leaving.  My mouth dropped to the floor.  This is just one short term example of this kids memory.  Amazing.   He didn’t break any bones and was back walking in a couple of days, although tentatively.
Over the last few months Elliott has grown into a little boy.  All of his 18 and 24 month clothes are too small and even some of his 2T clothes are too little for his long torso.  For the first time since his birth I had to purchase clothes for him out of necessity and not desire.  
I want to post more, but I just heard my sweet boy squawk letting me know his is awake from his nap.  So, off I go to guy help my little practice the potty.  I love you my sweet, sensitive boy.