Blog Blunder

I broke a cardinal rule of trust. I shared something on my blog that my husband didn’t know about me, something personal. A word to the not-so-wise (because if you were wise, you wouldn’t have done this)…before you post something for every stranger on the web to read-share it with your husband first. That way when your husband finally decides to read your blog (for the first time, the first post ever), that this bit of new information isn’t the shock of all shocks. And you don’t hurt his feelings.

I think that in all the time I have known my husband this may be the first time he has ever been mad at me first. Now, he wasn’t mad for long because his personality doesn’t allow it, he is too good natured and just overall a wonderful human being to stay mad for long. I was thinking about what a great person I think he is today and how lucky our son is to have a dad like him-talented beyond belief (piano, guitar, singer-song writer, ukulele, producer, movie maker), smart, funny, easy to get along with, handsome, a great role model, and a hard working…I got choked up.

How could I have made such a silly mistake. I wasn’t thinking, and I am inherently selfish. I am sorry.


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