If you didnt watch Greys Anatomy last night, dont read this post.

I watch Grey’s Anatomy weekly, I always DVR it, but I always stay home to watch it because I don’t want to miss a beat.
Well until last nights episode…that is the exception so far. I watched it and wish I hadn’t; what a disappointing ending. The end of the show was Meredith getting accidentally pushed over the edge of the pier/harbor and falling into the water. We don’t see a splash or know what happened to her but that is the assumption. This isn’t what made me mad though. I like suspense and I like cliff hangers, although it is frustration to have to wait until next week to see what happened. I understand the need to create suspense.
All during this episode a little girl (7 years old) is by Meredith’s side and won’t leave. She is lost and cant find her family and has clung to Meredith. At one point Meredith says to the little girl, who hasn’t said a word the entire time “you don’t have to talk, I don’t talk when I am scared or angry or upset (or whatever), but I need your help”, and the girl of course helps. How kindred spirit-like.
The part that made me mad was that at the end of the episode, the little girl looks over the edge where Meredith had fallen and doesn’t see Meredith, and then just walks away! Of course, we don’t know if she is walking about for good, or walking away to get help. Its ambiguous at this point, and of course, that is intentional. But, if they are trying to mark some sort of parallel between the little girl and Meredith I think they are way off base. And as a devoted fan of the show, I think it is irresponsible to infer such behaviour from Meredith.
She isn’t the abandonment type, in fact she has fears of being abandoned. She also doesn’t seem the type to walk away from her problems. She ignores them until she is done processing them and then deals with them.
Maybe the reason I am so upset by all of this…is that there is a remarkable similarity to me and Meredith in the way we process hardship and emotion. I wouldn’t want someone leaving a conversation or situation with me and thinking I was the walk away type. But, maybe that is how we are perceived to others. Maybe while we are processing and dealing with issues internally, it looks like we are indifferent. Hmm, maybe I like this episode after all.


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