Happy 2nd Birthday Spencer!

A childhood right of passage.  It’s egg free, don’t worry.

I am mentally planning and seed planting for Spencer’s 4th birthday.  I went back through my pictures to remind myself what we have done in the past, only to realize that I haven’t posted ANYTHING about his last 2 birthdays.  I suck.  I am reinforcing the 2nd child syndrome.

So, here is the synopsis.  We had a small birthday party at our (old) house.  I only invited kids that were Spencer’s age, and only a small number of kids.  It was lovely and low maintenance.  We had lunch, ate cake and the kids played.  Fun times.


The Digger Party

On his actual birthday, thanks Grandma!

Elliott and I before the festivities began.

Singing time!

Dad and Elliott in the pool

What a wonderful weekend, filled with family, love, and relaxation. Oh, and lots of diggers and construction trucks.