37 and 4 days

I went for my first non-stress test yesterday. Just like its name, it was fairly relaxing. They hooked me up to a fetal heart rate monitor and had me indicate when I felt activity.  After 20 or so minutes on the machine we were done.  She is moving around a ton, and her heart rate is perfect. 

They also do a short ultrasound to ensure the babe is in position and to measure the amniotic fluid levels.  Again, all systems go!  The really cool part was seeing her practice breathe on the ultrasound.  I have felt her doing it in-utero, but didn’t know for certain there was a real thing such as practice breathing.  It was amazing to see on screen and be able to put the two things together. 

I am looking forward to this pregnancy coming to an end, but I will miss feeling this being inside of me.  *sigh*