38 weeks

I will be 38 weeks tomorrow.  I had my OB appt. today, and she didn’t do an exam but could feel the babes head deep in my pelvis.  I have been having a lot of pelvic pressure, my hips are killing me, and sometimes it feels as it the babies head is rubbing directly on my pelvic bone. 

I have also been having a fair amount of BH contractions, and the last couple of days cramping in the lower part of my tummy.  Today is by far the worst day.  I can barely walk.

The worst though are the hemorrhoids.  I have an RX for proctofoam, which I have been using since last night, and my doc gave me some Lidocaine today.  It is painful enough at times to make me wish for a c-section.  The thought of them worsening during delivery, is giving me a tremendous amount of anxiety about my upcoming labor and delivery.

I want this baby out! And soon. My only options though are to wait…since I have had a C-section-induction isn’t an option due to the risks of uterine rupture.  She can strip my membranes but not until next week.  And, if I opt for a C-section, it wouldn’t occur until at least 39 weeks.

So, I will just watch and wait.


38 weeks 3 days

Now that I am officially ‘old’ according to maternal medicine, I had to take my first Non-stress tests today.  The test itself was rather relaxing-sitting in a huge comfy recliner chair, listening to my son’s heartbeat for 20 plus minutes and seeing the monitor pick up on his movements and increased heart rate.  The results were normal–he is moving and responding perfectly, though no contractions yet.  

I also had an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid levels and a few other factors.  Again all is normal.  It was great to see him on screen again and take a look at all his parts.  The nurse was even able to point out that he had a lot of hair–WOW!  

After the NST, I had my midwife appointment.  She measured, poked and prodded.  She thought that perhaps this baby would be smaller than Elliott–for which I am grateful.  Although measuring the babe’s weight in utero is highly inaccurate and more speculation that anything.  

She offered to check my cervix and I am 2 cm dilated.  I am also 75% effaced and my cervix is soft.  Since all things were in order, she offered to sweep my membranes, which I happily accepted!  If she hadn’t offered I would have asked as I am ready to move forward and have this baby.  What I wasn’t expecting though was how painful the process would be!  And the post cramping was horrible.  It has been 6 hours though and I already feel much better. Here is hoping that it actually brings labor on.

I am not nervous about labor or delivery–I am actually anxious and excited to get it started.  I feel confident this time around about what to expect and what my body is capable of.  I feel ready to have my body back, and will do what it takes to ensure that it is soon.  My other motivation is our hospitals new visitation policy due to the H1N1 virus–no children under 16 can visit at all.   So, I need to get in and out of the hospital fast so I can be with my boys.  I also know that I will be asking for an epidural this time around.  The fact that I feel confident enough this time around to ask for what I want/need is a change for me.  It is empowering.

I need to pack my hospital bag just in case it happens quickly.  I also would like to clear my digestive track out and possibly make some additional room.  Plus, perhaps a few days of relief for my hemorrhoids would help when the pushing parts happen.  So, in preparation I gave myself a glycerin suppository, but it didn’t really do much…that isn’t a good sign.  There is always tomorrow.

My next appointment is a week from today and is more of the same–NST, Ultrasound, and Midwife appt.  But, hopefully I wouldn’t be needing any additional appointment.  Elliott was early–and I am hoping this one will be too!
Lots of pelvic pressure, lower back pain, braxton hicks like crazy, and a Mom that is ready.  Wish me luck!!!