38 weeks

I will be 38 weeks tomorrow.  I had my OB appt. today, and she didn’t do an exam but could feel the babes head deep in my pelvis.  I have been having a lot of pelvic pressure, my hips are killing me, and sometimes it feels as it the babies head is rubbing directly on my pelvic bone. 

I have also been having a fair amount of BH contractions, and the last couple of days cramping in the lower part of my tummy.  Today is by far the worst day.  I can barely walk.

The worst though are the hemorrhoids.  I have an RX for proctofoam, which I have been using since last night, and my doc gave me some Lidocaine today.  It is painful enough at times to make me wish for a c-section.  The thought of them worsening during delivery, is giving me a tremendous amount of anxiety about my upcoming labor and delivery.

I want this baby out! And soon. My only options though are to wait…since I have had a C-section-induction isn’t an option due to the risks of uterine rupture.  She can strip my membranes but not until next week.  And, if I opt for a C-section, it wouldn’t occur until at least 39 weeks.

So, I will just watch and wait.


37 and 4 days

I went for my first non-stress test yesterday. Just like its name, it was fairly relaxing. They hooked me up to a fetal heart rate monitor and had me indicate when I felt activity.  After 20 or so minutes on the machine we were done.  She is moving around a ton, and her heart rate is perfect. 

They also do a short ultrasound to ensure the babe is in position and to measure the amniotic fluid levels.  Again, all systems go!  The really cool part was seeing her practice breathe on the ultrasound.  I have felt her doing it in-utero, but didn’t know for certain there was a real thing such as practice breathing.  It was amazing to see on screen and be able to put the two things together. 

I am looking forward to this pregnancy coming to an end, but I will miss feeling this being inside of me.  *sigh*

Lizard love

A few weeks ago I captured a lizard for the boys.  They thought I was the best Mom EVER.  I managed to capture the sheer look of joy on Elliott’s face.

It makes a Moms heart smile. 

Trying to look on the bright side

Things I am trying to be grateful for in the midst of feeling very uncomfortable. 

A healthy pregnancy
No back pain
Not being constipated
2 cm dilated!
My husband getting off work at 3pm so he can pick up Elliott from kinder.
Heartburn medication
Health insurance
We decided on a first name
Gorgeous spring weather
Finding car seats that will allow 3 across the rear of a Subaru Outback
Sleeping well most nights
Great friends, who are so willing to help

37 weeks

It feels like I have gone through a belly growth spurt.  They say your baby gains the most weight in the last month of your pregnancy, and I suspect my belly is proof!

Yesterday I felt some relief in my ability to breathe and the pressure on my stomach has gone down.  But, my hip pain and pregnancy waddle have kicked up 10 fold.  They say that only FTM’s experience lightening but this babe has certainly made a small transition into my pelvis.

Throughout this pregnancy I have had to luxury of sleeping really well.  However, over the last few weeks my sleeping patterns have been disrupted with what I suspected was the need to pee.  But, I kept hearing this sound when I woke up and my throat was really dry.  Duh, it finally became evident to me that I was waking myself up with MY OWN SNORING.  I made some adjustments to my pillow palace, and started using my nasal spray again, as well as breathe right strips and I am back to sleeping well (and I use well within the context of being 9 months pregnant and huge).

The kids are getting excited about the birth and upcoming changes.  I am trying to plan and forecast the best I can for how our life will change, but you can never really plan for it… Our nursery is set up, clothes washed, diapers purchased, gear staged and car seats on order.  I need to pack my hospital bag and get a plan of action for who is going to take care of the kiddo’s once I go into labor.