Do you ever wish you were a better a person?  That retrospectively you hadn’t made a particular bad decision?  That you had apologized earlier?  That you had attended that baby shower/wedding/birthday party after all?  That you had cleared the air sooner, rather than let your feelings simmer and boil over later?  That you had just said how you felt rather than hold a grudge?  That you were more equipped to handle and share your feelings?  That you hadn’t acted selfishly, and had done the ‘right’ thing?  If only you could express yourself more clearly/with more sympathy/with more… that you would have…  The list could go on and on.

My point is that via Facebook I have been forced to confront several (yes, more than a couple) people that I hurt in the past.  And by forced, let me say that I wanted to clear the air, of course, and initiated the contact.  But, it is a humbling (and somewhat humiliating) experience and one that I hope to come out of a better person.  I also hope that it allows the people I hurt some closure.  Mostly, I hope to come away with my (old) friends forgiveness.  
Have any of you experienced something similar?  How did you get through it?  Did the person forgive you?  Were you able to be friends again?  Was your friendship the same/better/or worse?  Did you regret making amends?