The beginning of the end

This morning around 7am I lost my entire mucous plug.  This is TMI for even me, but it was huge and red and liver-like.  I took a photo just so I would remember what it looked like. 

When I lost my mucous plug with Elliott it also happened in the early AM.  So, just to be prepared I took a shower and shaved all areas, washed my hair and lotioned up.  I asked the hubby to stay home, but he needed to go into work and finish up some things.  Plus, he wants to wait for more substantial evidence of labor starting.
It is now 8:30am and my digestive track is starting to clear itself out.  What a relief both physically and mentally.
All signs are pointing towards labor starting today.  If this labor is at all similar to my first I should be starting light, easy contractions any time now.  In 1000 ways I hope it is very different.  I will keep you posted!
Alternately, I am trying to enjoy the last days with my first born son–with it just being him and I.  He has had a fever for a few days and a decreased appetitie.  Today he seems in good spirits and is very loving–telling me often that he loves me followed by a big hug.