America’s Finest City

Dear City of San Diego (aka America’s Finest City),

I know that we are in a nationwide and perhaps even a worldwide recession.  I am also aware that the city’s income/revenue is down and tourist traffic is down.  I also know that you have had to layoff hundreds (thousands?) of valuable employees and that the city is facing a major budget shortfall.  I am also aware that our school lunch program is at risk because of the larger problems our state is having.  
While I am not unreasonable…I have to ask where the roads and public works projects rank on the list?  I value school lunches far more than our roads, but I have a larger more selfish problem right now, so indulge me.  
You see, I just spent $1300 on car repairs that all involved wear and tear related to the poor conditions of our roads.  Since I feel bitter (and a variety of other feelings not appropriate for this blog) about this, I feel the need to assign the blame to someone else.  And, lets face it–you are as good as anyone.
So, I ask you humbly, please make the repair of roads, potholes, freeways, and highways more of a priority.  Oh, and thank you for recently installing ramps at the corners of our streets.