1st Trimester times two

I haven’t been writing much lately.  I have been trying to keep my head above water with parenting combined with morning sickness, coupled with fatigue.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for parents of multiple children.  

All in all, I feel far better than I did the first go round.  Most days I wake up feeling good, and as the day progresses I start to feel worse.  By the time evening rolls around I am wishing to be horizontal.
You always hear people say how each of their pregnancies are different.  But, for me, until I experience something I can’t relate.  Well, I am here to report that this pregnancy is very different from my first one.  I know that each pregnancy is different, but there are some glaring differences for me.  With Elliott I had heartburn every day–I ate thousands of tums throughout the months.  Post-pregnancy, I could barely eat a tum without gaging.  But, this time around I hardly have any heartburn at all.  With Elliott I had to avoid juice, carbonated beverages, spicy foods, coffee, even the smell of red wine–however, not this time around.  I feel like I can eat whatever and not have to worry about getting heartburn.
I am also not yet experiencing the constipation I did the first time.  I suspect it is because I opted out of the pre-natal vitamins.  Instead I am taking the gummivites that Trader Joes sells. They seem much easier to digest and my system tolerates them better.
The morning sickness, while present, is NOTHING like it was with Elliott.  It is manageable, and not ruining my life.  My appetite is also different.  I felt insatiably hungry with Elliott, and this time around I feel particularly hungry. The difference is with Elliott I ate everything I could get my hands on, and this time around I want specific things.  
I also feel like I am showing already (picture soon!)–I can still fit into my jeans but I cant button most of them comfortably. I have been slowing acquiring back all of my loaned maternity clothes and anticipate needing them sooner this time around.  Although, I am going to wear regular clothes as long as possible!!!
We are very excited about this baby, but in a vastly different way than we were with Elliott. This time around we have an idea of what to expect, and aren’t as worried.  Perhaps the reduced anxiety had allowed me to feel better this time around?  Thoughts, feedback?

Big Hole

Pink paci broken, BIG HOLE.  My son has been repeating that to himself since yesterday afternoon.  It was the last thing he said before falling asleep last night and the first thing he said this morning when he woke up.

4 days ago, I noticed that the pacifier that he sleeps with was making an odd noise.  I tested it out by sucking on it myself and sure enough it had a big hole in it.  I suspect that my son either wore it out or punctured it with his new canine teeth.  Either way, I explained to him that he cant chew or bite the pacifiers because they will break and then we wont have one any more.  
I promptly switched the broken one that was blue for a hot pink one (I had previously packed all the pacifiers away when we went to just using them at night).  The next day I inspected the newer pink one, and sure enough–another puncture hole.  This one was very small.  In a spontaneous decision I showed him the hole and explained that we couldn’t use that one anymore since it was broken and I told him we didnt have anymore.  I then secretly cut the tip off, in case he wanted to see it and I felt the need to cave.
Yesterdays nap went fine, bed time was OK.  He woke up a few times in the night asking for it, and crying a bit.  This morning he was up 1 hour earlier than usual.  He went down for today’s nap talking about the broken pink paci, BIG HOLE.  But, no tears.  
It would seem that we have effectively eliminated the paci habit with little stress or feelings of loss.  I will let you know how this evening goes or if there is any regression.

After 3 nights of sleeplessness, a very cranky toddler, and a weak consitituion–we caved and gave the pacifier back.  In all reality–he was pretty heartbroken about it’s absense.


We loved eating the ears off of our first chocolate bunny.  Thank you Grandma and Bobbotz!  The book was a huge success as well.

The Easter Bunny came and brought hot wheel-diggers and real diggers (kid sized yard tools)!

Dad and Elliott smiling before we leave for our Easter Egg hunt and brunch.  Looking fancy boys!

Elliott the Egg hunter.  

Madeline Spohr

Many of you know that I am fundraising for the March of Dimes walk here in San Diego (see side bar for details).  Family and friends have been extremely supportive, and for that I am grateful. I want to thank you on behalf of Madeline Spohr.  

I did not know this child, but she has made a profound impact on my life over the past few days and as you can see from this link, she has touched thousands of other families as well. She was born prematurely.  Sadly, tragically, and unexpectedly she died on Tuesday at the tender age of 17 months.
In addition to donating to the March of Dimes, the family is asking for your help with the funeral costs.  Please give if you can.  

Intake Appointment

I had my first appointment with UCSD today.   It wasn’t with the Midwife though it was with the floor nurse.  Apparently they have implemented a new program where they require newly pregnant women to attend an intake meeting.  

They are offered once a week, and last 2 hours.  It is basically an intro to pregnancy and the UCSD system.  If it had been my first pregnancy, I would have really appreciated it a lot more. In fact, if this was my first time around, I would think it was wonderful.  However, since this isn’t my first time–it was a nice refresher course.
My first official appointment with the Midwife is next Wednesday.  Hopefully at that time she will do an ultrasound to determine a more accurate due date.  Since I had 2 periods in February, and the Ovulation test were negative during the 7 day test period, I don’t know the exact date of conception or what date I should use as my (un)official date.  
The nurse also assured me that some temporary spotting was totally normal.  

6 weeks and counting

So to bore you all with more details about how awful I feel… I FEEL AWFUL.  Not as bad as the first go round-but all day I feel between 50 and 65%.  The thing that really gets me is the horrid taste in my mouth and the extra saliva.  Yuck!

I am such a selfish baby when it comes to not feeling well.  I expect to feel well, and when I don’t I sulk and feel sorry for myself and cant get over it.  Yes, I am that selfish.  Humph.
I also already gained a pound and my jeans are tight.  I suspect that weight gain at this early stage is not ideal, but to stave off the nausea and dizziness–eating small things all the time is the only thing that helps-and can I help it that I crave burgers and fries!!!  I can only comfort myself by remembering that I gained a lot of weight with Elliott, and lost it after he was born.  I hope for the same luck the second time around.
Lastly, I have been having some light brown spotting for the last 24 hours.  Not every time I go to the toilet, but a few times.  Nothing red, no cramps.  But naturally I am freaked out about it, and my web searching only yield people who have miscarried as a result.  I keep telling myself that time will tell.  But, that does little good for my personality type.  

And so it begins…

I was stressing over the last few weeks about not having any morning sickness.  When I was pregnant with Elliott, beginning at 5 weeks I had HORRIBLE morning sickness.  I would cry most days at lunch wishing I felt better.  So, in its absence I was wondering if I was in fact pregnant, or if something else was wrong with me.  Yes, I know that is silly but we can only compare what we know or have experienced.  

Well, I am both pleased and saddened to report that pregnancy honeymoon is over.  I officially have morning sickness.  Yesterday I sat on the couch for the entire second half of the day moaning and complaining.  And then, in a moment of weakness, requested that we eat greasy, delicious, San Diego style Mexican food from Santana’s.  Mmmm, Carne Asada Nacho’s with Guac.  Weight Gain–here I come 🙂