Field Trip

I accompanied Elliott and his classroom on their first school field trip to the pumpkin patch.  This was taken on the school bus on the way there.  Can you see the joy and happiness on his face?



I must be extremely fertile.  I am pregnant.  My cycles are only 26 days, so from when the ovulation stick turned positive on July 15th, until today it is only 11 days (DPO).

It took one month for us to get pregnant with Elliott, pregnancy #3 and this one.  With Spencer it took 11 months, but for several of those months I was waiting to regain a regular cycle ofter having my IUD removed.

I don’t feel the same level of anxiety or nervousness that I felt last year.  In fact, I feel serene and peaceful about the whole thing.  I took several tests yesterday that were positive (I know you can’t be kinda pregnant).  But, I needed the certainly of the digital test to ease my mind and be certain my eyes weren’t creating something that wasn’t there.
I wonder if my nervousness is tempered by the idea that I could miscarry.  Perhaps it is an emotionally protective measure to prevent me from being too excited in the wake of loss?  I like to think that I have matured and that I am not as neurotic as I once was (yes, I took 5 pregnancy tests in 24 hours).  I also feel like we are more ready to welcome a 3rd child into our family.  

2 tests confirmed it.

*Hyper Emotional
*Terrible taste in my mouth
*Restless Leg Syndrome
*No PMS or sweet cravings around when my period was due
*Constipation (yes, already)

Yup, I am 4 weeks pregnant.  2 positive tests confirmed it.  
Yippee!!!  Due date is 11-29-09

Weather me happy

San Diego probably has the nicest weather of any place I have lived. Granted, that while I have moved well over 55 times, most (all) were within California.

Still, I have visited many a state, and still think SD has the most wonderful, moderate weather year round. And as I was reading about the snow, causing school to be cancelled, building snowmen, and all of the shoveling and snow plowing…I was elated to live in SD on this early spring like day (77 degrees F).

The joy of detachment

I had forgotten how much I like my line of work. I left the comforts of my cozy office, and ventured downtown to conduct an on-site training at a clients office. My goal was to train them on how to use our software in a real environment (using real loan data and not a training file). In addition to training them on our software, I was lucky enough to be able to impart some of my own experience into the training.

This client is new to this part of the industry and doesn’t have too much experience with the banking side of the biz. It was excited and invigorated to be able to be in the mix again. it has been about 6 months since I was involved with the operational side of the mortgage biz, and i forgot how much I enjoyed it.

I don’t miss the stress, the deadlines, or the loan officers…but I miss the decisions and the day to day. I miss being needed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my current position and would never consider going back to trenches (stress, sleepless nights, anxiety, and problems), but similar to other peoples children-the fun is you get to give them back. As such, when training on-site…I am able to get into the thick of it, and at the end of the day I leave and never worry about it again. They on the other hand have to clean up the mess and worry about the outcome. I simply move on to another client.

The joy of detachment.