108 days old

Elliott is getting more fun and expressive by the day. Hubby and I talk daily about what a joy he is to be around, and how much we love spending time with him.

He is learning new things and is happy to show them off to us. In the last few weeks he has started to smile often and just learned to laugh (a full open mouth laugh too). He smiles now on his own (with out us initiating a silly face) when something is enjoyable to him. He has started to pull his feet up to his chest, and loves it when I put his toes in his mouth. He is also beginning the process of learning how to sit up. I watch him arching his little torso into a C shape, strengthening his abdominal muscle. He doesnt hate tummy time, but you can tell it is frustrating for him. He lets out loud grunts of displeasure when I leave him on his belly for too long.

His sleep habits leave something to be desired (like…more rest). He goes to bed regularly at 7pm, I nurse him before I go to bed at 10pm, then he sleeps solidly through until about 2am. I nurse him again, but he wakes up again at 4am, and then every 30-45 minutes thereafter. However, if we can make it past 6 am or so, he will fall asleep until 7-7:30 am. We have tried to not feed him at the 4am mark hoping he will go back to sleep. No luck. I am looking for suggestions on how to get him to sleep more soundly during those early morning hours. I wonder if hubby or I toss or turn more in the wee hours, and cause him to have disrupted sleep. I am not ready to move him out of our bed yet (we dont have heat at our house, and I am still a little nervous about leaving him alone in his crib, in the next room), but I am going to move him to the pram and put it next to the bed to see if that helps him sleep more soundly.

I worry about moving him too soon, or sooner than he is developmentally/physically able. But, I have to try and see. Parenting seems to be a lot of trial and error, with a little luck mixed in. Maybe my sleep luck is ready to change, and Little E will sleep through the early morning hours soon. Dont get me wrong–I dont mind getting up with him to nurse or change diapers. In fact, I like spending that quality time with him snuggling and bonding. I just want him to sleep better from the hours of 4am to say 6am.

Lil E is slowly losing all of his baby hair. When he was born, he had the most beautiful brown hair. I would spend hours just caressing his head.

After a few weeks, it started to lighten up and turned a little bit red (my heart smiled as I wondered if he would be a red head). But then, recently, his hair started to fall out, and is being replaced with peachy fine blond hairs. Now I look into his stroller or crib and am shocked and thrilled at my little blond baby boy.