Month one part II

The second half of operation budget cut went better than the first. We got some money randomly in the mail. If you are thinking…hmm, that is odd. You can assume that we were thinking the same thing.

Apparently, in 2004 during one of our refi’s we overpaid for our Title Insurance. This was unbenouced to us–and since we don’t like to argue with found money–we swiftly and quickly deposited the money in our account.

Then our tax return was deposited into our account, and just a few days later the economic stimulus money was deposited. WooT!!!

So, this half of the month was much better than the first half. I did manage to deposit all of my paycheck and then some into savings. Plus, we have enough for a little (and I mean little) fun. With my part of the fun–I bought us a colorful outdoor umbrella. And with Jeff’s part of the fun he is moving forward with our first real home improvement project–the front fence.


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