6 month check up

I had my 6 month check up today. Well, actually 25 weeks and 1 day. I met with my new Nurse-Midwife, at UCSD. The appointment took over 2 and 1.2 hours! But, most of it was with the Admin gal who was still trying to learn their new software.

The appointment went well. I have gained too much overall weight, and got the talk again. It makes me feel guilty and like a bad person and mom-to-be. But, I feel pretty good, and all my tests are A-Ok. The baby seems to be doing fine, his heart rate is good and he is growing steadily. I am just hungry all of the time. I see women on the street who look like they haven’t gained a single pound of ‘maternal stores’, and just have a little basketball tummy. This is the maternal version of tits on sticks.

In 3 weeks I go back for the Glucose test, and more blood work. Then I start appointments every 2 weeks, rather than monthly!

Hubby gets worried about the weight gain too. I am sure he doesn’t want a fat wife and baby momma (although he would NEVER say anything like that to me). But, I can tell it bothers him. We have spoken about it several times already today.


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