The ride of my lifetime

My life has taken me on many journeys. I left home when I was 14 years old, I have been without a home, I have been through many family changes (multiple step dads, living with my Aunt, parents in jail/prison, family addictions as well as personal), 50 plus moves, an equal amount of boyfriends. High School, college, jobs.

Through it all, I think that I have managed to keep it all together, and can say with some confidence that I turned out to be a fairly well rounded, stable individual. That is until I got pregnant. And now all rhyme and reason is out the window.

I can honestly say that nothing in my life to date compares to the emotional and physical ride that pregnancy has taken me for. From morning sickness and worry, to sleeplessness and fatigue, to insecurity and depression, to anger and resentment. Wee!


One thought on “The ride of my lifetime

  1. You have no idea what is to come!!! Once you have your son your life will take on a whole new meaning. I think that what you have been through will make you like a lioness to protect her cub. El Jefe and you will make amazing parents, I can’t wait to see your amazing boy, and the amazing mother you already are!

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