What would you do?

Hubby and I were preparing to hand out candy on Halloween. We were getting the porch ready for trick or treaters, and I was holding Elliott. As I mentioned before, we live in an urban neighborhood, and do not have a driveway. Several houses on our street have driveways, but ours does not. Our hood is also mixed zoning, so we have SFR’s, apartments and condo’s as well as businesses, shops and resturaunts.

So, we part on the street, along with many of our neighbors. Most times this isn’t a problem, as there is usually parking close by the house, and I don’t have to lug things too far. Well, this day I was lucky enough to get RSP (rock star parking) right in front of our house. Hubby was parked behind me, and I backed up very close to his car to try and make enough room in front of me for a small car to squeeze in.

While we were standing in our yard, a gentlemen in a medium size SUV tried to park in front of me. He proceeded to play bumper cars with me and the car in front of him. The first couple of times he hit my car trying to park, I thought…hmm, it was probably an accident and he misjudged the distance. The next couple of times, I realized that he just didn’t care. As each time he backed up he hit my car, and when he pulled forward he hit the car in front of him.

The thought of his disregard infuriated me, and I went down to speak with him. I very nicely asked him to please cease hitting my car while attempting to park. He retorted and said, get this…that’s what bumpers were for. Now, I did not accept this as an answer, and asked him to park elsewhere, should he be unable to park here without hitting my car again, and explained that I often must park around the corner and lug my kid and his gear from my distant parking spot to my home.

Apparently I made him angry. He backed up hard into my car again as I was walking back to my house and screeched off. Hopefully not to assault someother car with his expert parking skills. When I returned to the porch, and reunited with hubby…I was met with a look of shock and disappointment. Hubby was very mad that I had confronted this man, especially with my boy in arms.

We proceeded to get into a long conversation about the positive and negative merits of confronting a stranger. You can imagine how the conversation went remembering that my husband is mellow, and often times a pacifist. I am curious to know what you would have done in a similar situation? Was I wrong to address this person? Should I have left it alone and not said anything?


Having a baby is a big transition. Duh, many of you are already saying. I know, I know. But, the last 8 weeks have been great. I didn’t feel like much had changed about my lifestyle. We have still been pretty mobile, and haven’t had to sacrifice a lot of our time or normal life events.

In the last week, I have come to realization that it is all about to change. With my maternity leave slowing coming to a close, I am trying to get both Elliott and myself on a loose schedule. He has already created one for himself most days. I am just trying to solidify it, for my own peace of mind and for the nanny’s sake. I was feeling very relieved (and cocky) to have such an awesome kid, one who sleeps easily and in reasonable chunks. Blah, blah, blah. Then I understood with a greater magnitude what getting him on a schedule meant.

It means that we no longer can be out later than his bedtime. It means, having to say ‘No’ to events if it conflicts with his naps or sleep schedule (I have a hard time with this). It means being home nightly. I also realized that while I was once excited about the weekend, because I got to sleep in…well, I came to the shocking realization that it was a thing of the past. The weekend is just like any other day for my boy, with the same 6am wake up as a weekday.

My hubby has also been feeling the changes that are brewing. He has been feeling restless and short tempered. We have been short with one another, and there is a general strain in the air. I suggested that he get out of the house, and relax a bit. He took my suggestion and called up a friend, and was invited over to play and hang out. We talked about it, but he did say if he was going to accept the invitation or decline. I didn’t ask assuming he would tell me when he decided. We went about our new evening routine, but hubby had a bit of spring in his step. I was pleased that he was breaking through his funk, and moving forward with a smile.

Then, he leans over and kisses me goodbye. I asked where he was going in a surprised voice, and he responded saying he was going to his friends house. Oh…I know we talked about it, I just didn’t realize you had decided to go, but have fun I sadly replied.

*Sniffle*, I thought he was happy to be home with me. But Nope, he was happy at the prospect of getting out of the house. I would be too if I was him.


Last week, we went to the Starlite. We were searching high and low for a new restaurant to visit, and when this one came up in conversation we were all excited. They just opened last week, so they weren’t busy yet!

What I didn’t realize before we decide to go there was how connected all of the people were at this place. Apparently, the owners also own the Casbah, Turf Club, and the Whistle Stop just to name a few. The chef (Travis), is my hair stylists husband and went to culinary school with our friends friends from SF. Turns out the waiter is a guy my husband went to college with or played in a band with (or something like that), and one of the waitresses, is/was a bartender at the Casbah and now is a facial gal, as well as one of my hair stylists sisters and the chef’s sister-in-law. Such a small world!

The restaurant was beautiful! The decor, lighting, ambiance, etc. was like no other. The food was mostly organic, and locally grown. The drinks were unique and tasty (I would recommend the Mule). My meal was undercooked (forgivable since this is their first week being open), but I sent it back and they prepared a whole new meal for me. It tasted delicious. The prices were a little on the high side for my pocketbook. But, I don’t feel that they were too high for the quality of the meal, or the overall dining experience. The drinks were priced reasonably, and the wine list was nice.

All in all, a good experience. I might not go back in for dinner, but I would certainly go back for an appetizer and a drink. They also have a hidden out door patio in the back. **Sweet** To read other reviews, go here.

Pirate Truck Driver

Hubby and I were at the dog park yesterday, letting the bup-scout run around. I had a verbal exchange with another couple at the dog park, and I said something like, oh don’t worry about our dog, he is a pussy. My hubby said, that I shouldn’t cuss so early in the morning (a long standing inside joke we have, since I have the mouth of a pirate truck driver).

I got to thinking about my statement, and what the word pussy means, and where it comes from and how I used it that early Sunday morning. I was disappointed in myself for using such a word, as I consider myself educated. I then got to thinking about other words in my vernacular that connote similar meaning-bitch, bastard, slut, etc.

I have vowed today to use more descriptive language for my feelings, and less slang that could and often does have negative, sexist, and oppressive meanings. Should you hear me use such language, I challenge you to call me on it. Make me think about what I mean, and come up with a better way to describe the situation.

On a separate note, check this article out. I found it interesting.


My husband kicks ass.

This is the note he left me this morning on his way out the door at 4:45am, after his 15 hour day yesterday and the previous day, and after listening to me rant and rave the night before about male-kind:

Good morning Princess!
I hope your day involves no unwarranted male input. Its OK to feel as sensitive as you are-you are physically going into uncharted territory. FUN!!!
I look forward to seeing you this evening-which may be at a normal hour.
Foreskins rule!!!

Could I be any luckier??

Division of Labor

My job during the day is as a software trainer. I tell people how to do things all day. My personality type is such that this is very satisfying to me. I like to tell people what to do, how to do it, etc. I am a leader (and if you know me even a little bit-bossy and I like to be in control of my destiny).

However, when I get home I get tired of telling people how to do things, and my patience level is worn down. This is what lead me to the decision that I needed to be in charge of cooking and shopping for our household.

This wasn’t an easy decision, and I thought about it long and hard (after of course, I struggled and fought with my husband trying to get him to cook and meal plan). But, alas the easiest thing to do was to take charge and do it my way.

So, I told my husband that I wasn’t going to fight him anymore about cooking, or tell him where things in the kitchen are, or what food items we have and don’t have…I was just going to do it myself and save myself the hassle and him an earful.

He laughed at me 1. for being so effected by this decision 2. for getting irritated every time he asks where X is and 3. for sharing with him all of my thoughts up to this point. This is why I love him. He can poke fun at me and all of my ridiculous ways and love me anyway.

The strange part about this decision, is that since I told him (2 weeks ago), he has cooked 3-4 meals on his own, and went to the store!!!