Spencer’s First Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Spencer

Where is my cake?!?!

Like usual, I am delinquent in posting.  Spencer celebrated his 1 year birthday in late November.  I wanted a small party, but as is typical, we had a large gathering.  I am incapable of throwing a small shindig.  

It was a wonderful morning party with many of the kids he sees and plays with on a daily basis from Stroller Strides, and a few of my friends.  Along with the family that was able to travel to San Diego to celebrate.

We had a checkered flag themed party, and kept the decorations and fan fare limited.  I did make a 4 layer white and black cake.  Apparently black food coloring turns poop green.  Good to know.

It was a lot of work to have his party and then go full force into the December holidays.  Next year we are going to have his party the weekend before his birthday, depending on when the Thanksgiving holidays fall.

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