9 months for number two

Spencer is almost 10 months old, and as you can tell I am delinquent in updating this blog on his stats.  What an awesome kid he is.  He is very independent, insists on feeding himself, doesn’t like to be restrained or held back in anyway.

I would love to contain him in an excer-sauser or jumper but he will not have any of it.  In fact, he was so resistant that I have loaned all of my baby gear out to other moms because it was taking up too much space and just collecting dust.

I suspect that Spencer will be walking by 11 months, if not sooner.  He is content to crawl, but prefers standing and pulling up on everything he can.  His favorite activity this week is emptying any drawer his can get into and trying to climb up the slide at the park.

Since he is so mobile, I think that he is leaner than his brother was at the same age.  Spencer was only 20.2 pounds at his 9 months, which is the 50 percentile, his height though was 29 inches which puts him in the 90th percentile and similar to his brother.


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