Daily update

Nursing is going great. 1000% improvement over my nursing start with Elliott.

Spencer's First peds appt was uneventful. We go back for a 2 month visit.

Spencer opened his eyes big and wide today-his eyes are dark slate blue. I suspect they will turn brown over time. He is becoming more alert and stays awake for longer periods of time. But overall sleeps a lot still. For the past 2 nights he has slept with me all or part of the night. I never felt comfortable sleeping with E. Perhaps because I was medicated post C-Section and my mobility was poor. Or perhaps I am just more confident this go-round, I don't know. But it has afforded us better sleep-for which I am appreciative.

Elliott is adjusting. He doesn't want to hold or touch Spencer. But isn't angry or hurtful to him either. We are trying to give Elliott that same amount of attention but of course that is near impossible. With both of us home it has been great-but when hubby goes back to work I suspect E will have it twice as hard. E loves spending time with Dad and will be sad when he goes back…plus having to share my time with S will be even more difficult for him. I should have some fun things planned for him that will also be easy on me. Maybe Gymboree classes or something like it.

I consider myself a good planner but this transition after hubby goes back to work will be difficult. Throw Christmas in the mix and I for sure will be tapped out.

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