Where are we going, dear readers?

My reasons for blogging have changed a lot over the last several years, and that has left me confused with where to take this blog.

I formerly shared deep, dark secrets and feelings knowing that no one was reading. And moreover, not really minding if people I knew were reading. However, more so lately, I have become more coveted about my inner most feelings. I often sit down to write and think about my readers (hi friends and family!), and how what I say could impact them. My former candor has taken a backseat to other peoples feelings and perceptions.
Now, this is a double edged sword. It is certainly a benefit for me to be thinking of other people’s feelings, when I so often have been tagged as selfish. On the other side, it limits the amount of freedom I have when it comes to raw self expression.
I also understand that not everything is designed to be shared, particularly on the world wide web. There is no privacy when you publish your inner most details on the Internet. There is occasionally, ever danger or risk.
However, I feel lonely not sharing my feelings…even if it is solely with the abyss that is the web and the few who dare to post comments. A determination has not been made on how to proceed. But, I will certainly continue to post updates and family details as they transpire, but the diary-like nature may change for the conservative.

2 thoughts on “Where are we going, dear readers?

  1. Mmmmh, bummer, makes me wonder right off the bat what tf happened?! Who dared, if anybody, to give you negative feedback or who has been affected negatively by what you posted?!

    I, for my 2 cents, think that “blogging” is the new diary – with the benefit of getting instant response and (hopefully) supportive feedback or, at least, constructive criticism.

    If you decide to “just” write from now on… – you may wanna think about writing a book instead and getting paid for it! 😉


  2. yeah, i know what you mean…my blog started off the same way. i knew no one really read it so i could say what i wanted about whatever i wanted.

    now i have over 1000 people a month reading the blog or checking out pictures of alexis. do they care about how i feel about this or that? and at the same time, heaven forbid you express an opinion. you open some serious floodgates with one of those! haha…

    so i know what you mean. seems like all i do is give family updates. nice and safe…cant make any friends or family mad that way!!!

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