Stroller Strides

I am finding my groove-slowly.  

I joined an exercise group called Stroller Strides and I am having a blast! The best part is that Elliott comes with me.  He H.A.T.E.D. the childcare center at the gym I formerly attended and that was a large reason why I cancelled my membership (there is also the unemployment factor, but who’s counting).  After the hour long exercise class-the kids can all run around and play together.  They even have a weekly playgroup which one of the Mom’s host and brings arts and crafts for the kids to play with.  The kick ass part is that the classes are all conducted outside.  So, not only do we get to exercise, be with our children, and have fun…we get to do it all outdoors in the gorgeous San Diego sun.
The exercise is really helping me get back to normal both emotionally and physically.  It is also helping me lose the 10 pounds (yikes) I have gained since I stopped working.


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