Brag time for this Mama.  Wow, when the child development books say that kids language abilities simply explode–I took it with a grain of salt.  However, the last couple of days have been magical for Lil E.  

He wakes up in the morning talking in (short 3 word) sentences.  Some of the words are only understood by me, and some not at all.  But, I can understand alot of what he is trying to communicate.  It is awesomely amazing.  I don’t have the  words to express how excited I am about this development.  It makes my heart swell with pride to have a 2 sided conversation with my son.
Other things that are making the list of development milestones — he can take his shoes and socks off, he can unzip his jammies and take the top part off (which is how I found him this am in his crib), and if I send him for a specific pair of shoes he can bring both of them back to me. 
I taught him the itsybitsy-spider and sometimes I catch him singing and doing the hand motions by himself.  When I ask him about it-he gets very shy, turns his head to the side, avoids eye contact and denies it.  Then when our eyes meet again he laughs a big laugh-like a little jokester.
He also ‘reads’ books to himself when he thinks we aren’t paying attention.  He will open a book and ‘read’ the words out loud.  One of the most adorable things I have ever seen.
He loves to imitate–if Mommy is vacuuming, he needs to mimic me.  When we read Maisy Cleans Up and Maisy is vacuuming- he points at the picture and says Mama, and then points to the vacuum and says it.

If I have a shovel, he wants one (and wont settle for anything else).  If Mommy is cooking–he wants to help.  Same with Dad–if Dad is looking through the vinyl he wants to help.  

A few of the words I heard him say today are:
blue whale, Obama, no more pee pee, penis, Elmo,
guitar, fire truck, trash,
truck, yogurt, cheese, outside, poop, apples, eye, cat, ball, big brown, Dr. Seuss, butt.

And because I have a terrible memory–I also wrote a list of signs that he knows.  The picture is him signing cookie–a sign he does about 25 times a day.  

More, eat, all done, milk, water, butterfly, pacifier, green, blue, red, yellow, play, cow, horse, play, spider, sheep, frog, elephant, dog, cat, bird, duck, carrot, banana, orange, apple, airplane, helicopter, car, ball, book, fish, boat, ice cream, grapes, strawberries, yogurt, cracker, work, tree, flower, pear, shoes, socks, cheese, bath, brush teeth, brush hair, hat, wash hands, sun, tiger, pig, skeleton, snake, mouse.

Oh, and lets not forget that he now runs, climbs, and gets into EVERYTHING!

3 thoughts on “Milestones-yeah!

  1. that “light” clicked on for Alexis about 2 months ago! it is weird how one day they wake up and are talking like that and doing those things!!! crazy!! hope all is well!

  2. My goodness, he’s growing up so fast! It sounds like you are at a fun stage right now. Isn’t it amazing when the language skills suddenly seem to click in place?

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