Elliott’s daycare provider said early on that she thought he was the type of kid who observes and watches, all the while storing little bits and pieces in his mind for later use. Then, when he feels confident that he has all of the information he needs, he breaks out with a new talent.

This last week it was walking. A week ago, Saturday (9.20) he let go and walked across the room. Since then it has been non-stop fun (and energy).

He doesn’t walk all the time, since crawling is still much faster, but he is walking 25% of time assisted by Mom or Dad’s hand and 20% of the time of his own.

I love watching him become more and more independent. He is a very expressive and communicative child. He is very certain about his decisions, and has the ability to sign his needs rather clearly. He is becoming a little boy while we watch (and age simultaneously).


One thought on “Milestone-Walking

  1. YEAH for Elliott. But, how is this possible?! Didn’t you just have him yesterday? Time sure flies. Such a cute photo, btw! Love the curls at the nape of his neck1

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