Is fate trying to tell me something?

I am sick. I rarely get sick, and have managed to fight off every infection that has infiltrated our house this season so far. But, as I said…I am sick so I have effectively lost the battle this time.

It coincides with an unfortunate announcement that my boss made today. He announced that he is resigning, with his last day being next Tuesday. I have had a fair amount of issues with my boss lately, and have voiced several emails of concern to him. While I am sad to see him leave, because change sucks; I am glad he is making room for change, which we desperately need.

These two things come together tomorrow when I am scheduled to have a conference call with one of the two company owners. I was hoping to talk about the issues I have been having, and I was looking forward to him offering up some sort of resolution to the matters. I was my long awaited chance to speak my mind.

But, alas, I barely have a voice, and have to speak in a whisper. Any prolonged (more than 2-3 sentences) talking leaves my throat painfully sore and dry, and I often am spiraled into a coughing fit. I wonder if this isn’t fates way of telling me to keep my mouth shut?


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