Rule #1

Yesterday, I was talking with my mommy friends about schools and how to decide which school to send our children too. And I heard myself say–I dont want my kids to go to school with a bunch of poor kids.

Huh? Did I really say that…out loud? Yup, I said it alright. Did I really mean it? Not exactly. But its not like you can take something like that back once you have said it.

Rule number one…think before you speak.


One thought on “Rule #1

  1. Sometimes the mamma bear instict makes us say things we normally wouldn’t. 🙂 Last week I was explaining our school situation to another mom. (My son is bused to an older neighborhood even though we have 3 schools closer). I told her I’m happy my son doesn’t attend the rich snob school. Then I realized I sounded like a snob myself. It’s not about rich vs. poor, it’s about the social problems that schools face and a mom’s overwhelming desire to protect her child. In our case, the school my son attends is wonderfully diverse. There are problems but the school staff is fantastic. More so than at a school that turns a blind eye because Johnny could never do anything wrong. I’m content that my son is getting a better education than he could in a middle or upper class neighborhood school. Will I feel the same once he reaches jr. or sr. high? I hope so but it’s a scarey world out there for us moms. 🙂

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