Do you have help at home?

I have been asked this question about 25 times since I delivered my son-the OB, Midwife, Lactation Educator, Nurses and Pediatrician. Everytime I answer the same thing. My husband took 3 weeks off of work to help at home, but NO I dont have any help at home currently. But, it doesnt matter what my response is. They dont seem to care what you answer is, they just want to ask the question. Like, the obligatory greeting, “How are you”? Does anyone really care about the answer?

I suspect that a memo went out saying something like this…

Dear Medical Staff:

Here at UCSD Medical Center we want our patients to think that we care about them and their recovery. In a world of ever increasing disassociation with patients, increased lawsuits, and a decreased amount of interpersonal relationships between doctor and patient–we feel it is critical to give the sense that we are a different kind of hospital.

Henceforth, please ask every L&D patient if they have help at home. The questions should be positioned in a way that sounds as if you care. If should be asked with an air of concern. It doesnt matter what the patient answers, since we dont actually care about that part.


UCSD Medical Center


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