10 Things I didnt know before

1. Stretch marks hurt when they are healing

2. Nursing/Breastfeeding is not intuitive (more on this later)

3. Motherhood is awesome (and trying)

4. Babies generate a TON of laundry

5. Everyday I learn something new about parenting, about myself and about Elliott

6. When Elliott cries, the dog looks stressed out

7. Healing from a C-Section is difficult, in ways that Mom’s don’t have time to talk about

8. I always wondered why Mom’s, after they gave birth, didn’t talk about their recovery and their personal struggles. It is because they don’t have time to worry about it, and even less time to blog about it

9. Everyone thinks their opinion is right

10. One yawn means-I need a nap RIGHT NOW (or else)


One thought on “10 Things I didnt know before

  1. Hey Elyse, You will get over that one yawn thing, as you become more intuitive with parenting you will know when YOU are tired.. (wink) I love you and am glas that you are learning all the joys (physically and mentally) about parenthood. You are in full bloom in parenthood and once again Congratulations!! To both you and hubby Jeff. I can only imagine his struggles and achievements into parenthood and his side of the adventure. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting my nephew somtime in the undetermined future. I love you three and will talk to you’ll soon. M

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