Over Active Let Down…

I thought it was weird that when I nurse lately, my son and I (or should that say me?) are covered in milk. He hasn’t been latching on well, and has been pretty fussy. He also has had a lot of gas, and tummy distress. All things that weren’t present the first 2 weeks of his life. He was angelic the first couple of weeks. Not so much lately-he more resembles colicky.

So, I spoke with a girlfriend, and did some searching on the WWW, and discovered what appears to be my problem. I have an Over Active Let Down… We fit all of the criteria.

So, tomorrow I am going to call UCSD and make an appointment with a lactation consultant. I may also consider attending a La Leche League meeting or a breastfeeding support group. They meet on Tuesday and Thursday in my hood. I didn’t think that breastfeeding would be so difficult…

It seems like it should be intuitive, and a natural organic process. But, there is a big learning curve that I was completely oblivious to. Which is a theme that I am encountering often these days. I discovered a little nub of info about myself lately. In the past, when it came to other people and their kids…I always turned a blind eye, and tuned all things kid and parent out.

To all my friends who I didn’t pay attention to when you were pregnant, nursing, struggling, parenting…I am sorry. This is hard work and I should have been a better friend.


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