Power to the single people

Come Monday, my hubby goes back to work. And so ends his 3 weeks of paternity leave. I am not sure how I would have done it with out him. Between recovering from surgery and trying to take care of a newborn, and a household… I am lucky to have survived (insert light drama here). Or how I am going to fare when he goes back to work. Having him home is a little like having a safety net for me as a mom. I am looking forward to being on my own, and having our own routine, but I am also a wee bit nervous about being alone, and not having someone to hand off to.

Hubby and I in the course of my pregnancy, and even more so now (since Elliott’s been born) are reminded about how lucky we are. Lucky to be a married couple with a new baby, and not single. Lucky to work so well together as a team, lucky that we both welcome the changes and the challenges.

We are grateful not to be single parents. We often talk about how difficult it must be for single parents to cope, to get anything and everything done, and to be good parents on top of it. I personally can not even imagine one day as a single parent (or pregnant person).

I have a tremendous amount of respect and new found understanding for folks that go at it alone. I wonder how my Mom did it with 2 girls. She was married off and on, but spent a while being single, or in between marriages. Power to the single peeps.


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