Car woes

Not too much to report. I dropped my car at the VW dealer this AM, to have it inspected for the necessary parts required for the LATCH system install. And then this afternoon they called to say OOPS, it was covered under warranty until January 2007, but VW doesn’t cover the cost any longer…so sorry. And, yeah…its $350. Oh, and BTW…you need XYZ done on your car too. Cost estimate is …wait for it…$1650.00.

I am going stir crazy. I need a car, and I need to get out of the house. Now that I have the all clear to drive, I cant afford to. Hopefully I will be able to lift the car seat out of the car. The nurse came to the house yesterday and Elliott now weighs 9 lbs and 14 ounces. All he wants to do is eat. Is it possible he just wants/likes to suck? Can I give him a pacifier? Or will that cause nipple confusion? He will stay on the boob for an hour each side if I let him…and, boy my nipples are sore!

Last night we were so desperate to get some sleep that I took him out of his sleeper and let him sleep directly in the bed with us. I have been reluctant to bed share because I am a pretty hard sleeper by nature, and initially was taking pain meds post-surgery. But I might have to try it out for a while as I think he slept better and more soundly next to me.


One thought on “Car woes

  1. The marathon nursing session could be a growth spurt. Here is my favorite website on the topic (with ages as to when to expect it) it is a growth spurt – nursing for long sessions (even if it feels like you have a baby velcro’ed to you) will build your supply more quickly (and ease fussiness)Having said that, I must admit that I couldn’t handle the soreness and had to give a pacifier to give my poor nips a break. Die-hard lactivists insist that pacifiers cause nipple confusion but I haven’t personally experienced it. All of my children had pacifiers within days of their birth. We gave them bottles of pumped milk when I was so tired I thought I’d lose my mind. Maybe it’s better said that there is the potential to cause confusion but not every baby will have a problem. If Elliott is nursing comfortably you might be ok trying a pacifier. I’d say trust your instinct. The biggest challenge might be finding one that he likes. I had one child that was EXTREMELY picky. Ditto on the co-sleeping. Do some online reseach to set your mind at ease. I was very hesitant to admit to my midwife that we are co-sleeping. She surprised me by saying I shouldn’t feel pressure to do it but if I’m getting enough sleep, go for it. This really surprised me. I thought she’d advise me otherwise.

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