Lessons-day 5

I am going to use Friday as a lesson that all good things come to those who work for them. Saturday started out a bit rocky but turned out great. Sunday was awesome too. I felt great both days. I think that my ‘cleanse’ made some room in my stomach for Elliott, and he has finally begun his slow decent into my pelvis. He is dropping!!! There is a noticeable visual difference in the shape of my tummy. I can breathe easier, move around easier and best yet…i think I might be able to sleep lying down in the bed again (for those of you unaware, I have been sleeping propped up on ladybug pillow in Elliott’s room).

The lightening has left me feeling a bit apprehensive about the inevitable of course, but what can you do! Just wait…

We meet with a prospective nanny yesterday. She has been nannying for a close friend of ours for 1.5 years, and they love her. However, they are going to need her less after the fall, and that is perfect timing for us to pick up her hours. After a bit of a rocky start, we finally arranged to meet with her for an interview yesterday. She doesn’t have any experience with newborns, and it seems that our friend has taught her most of what she knows about kids (aside from some classes in school and family obligations as it relates to watching kids). But, she seems very loving and willing to raise and handle the upbringing of our son however we direct her to. She realizes that we are the parents, and looks at herself as more of a helper than anything. The hours would work out for everyone, and she is in our price range (although at the very top). All of this assumes that I will be able to take a day off a week when I return to work after maternity leave. Hubby will be taking a day and half off from work to be at home with Elliott as well.

I crossed a couple of things off of the to-do list over the past few days.

  • Instead of buying a new bathrobe, I sewed belt loops onto my existing one
  • I printed out the pictures for Elliott’s baby book
  • I bought a nursing tank top for the hospital (since I have no idea what size bra I currently am or will be after my milk comes in)

I love checking things off of the to-do list!


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