Day 2

I thought last night would be as good as any to take my first dose of milk of magnesia since becoming pregnant. The recommended dose is 2-4 caplets at bed time with a full glass of water. I decided to take 3 just to be safe. Well, I awoke 3 times last night with severe cramps and a belly ache.

But, on target this morning the digestive track cleared all things…and then has keep clearing all day. I am also severely nauseated (which to me is the WORST feeling in the world-I would rather throw up 100 times than be nauseous) and cranky. I even had to cancel my lunch plans. I haven’t gone anywhere for fear of being too far from the restroom (and I feel like shit…how fitting). You would think that i would be grateful to have rid myself of this burden, but alas….I am an ungrateful wench, and wish it wouldn’t have come with a day of belly aching pain and suffering. Welcome to my negative side-where negativity, ungrateful behavior and bitterness prevail.

On a side note, I read last week about a voluntary recall of Thomas the Train toys My nephew is in love with Thomas and Friends, so I sent the info to my sister-in-law. Well, apparently it has become more serious. Click here for the NPR story.


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