37 week check-up

I am officially full term in my pregnancy (as of yesterday). While it would be better for Elliott to bake a little while longer and gather some additional fat stores (which if he is like his Mommy-that shouldn’t be ANY problem)…if I did have him today he would be developmentally fine!

I went to the Midwife for my now weekly visit and all is well. My TB test was negative, my Group Beta Strep test was negative (yeah, no antibiotics post delivery), I (for once) didn’t gain any weight, my belly is measuring at 38.5 inches, and Elliott’s heart rate is a steady 130. Only light swelling, and my BP is normal. I am a model citizen! Apparently week 37 is when they talk to you about post-pregnancy contraception. She basically said-no matter if you are breast feeding full time or not, that if we don’t want to worry about a subsequent pregnancy after Elliott is born, to use protection every time we have sex. I told her about the great experience I had being on Depo Provera for 4 plus years and she suggested an IUD (with hormones), so I need to look into that.

Today, is also my last day of work. It was a busy day with 4 plus hours of training and therefore very little time for regret or reflection. Everyone keeps referring to my maternity leave as a vacation. Which, I keep reminding them is not really correct. Since, part of the reason I am not working is because of the overwhelming amount of discomfort I am in. I am trying not to be resentful at the inference.

I also have a long ‘to do’ list of things I need to get done while I am out on leave:

  • Pack my hospital bag
  • pack Elliott’s diaper bag
  • pick an outfit for him to wear on his journey home
  • finish organizing his dresser and room
  • get my car seat tested at the fire dept. or wherever they do that
  • file my disability paperwork
  • print out the pictures I want to include in his baby book
  • write a letter to him to include in his baby book
  • Buy a couple of nursing bra’s
  • buy a new bathrobe (for the hospital)
  • depending on my energy level-go to the dinner studio and prepare some meals to help after the baby is here
  • finish reading the birth books that are on my list
  • sterilize my breast pump and accessories
  • figure out how the Diaper Genie works (how can it be so complicated…?)
  • make sure i have the paperwork ready to sign Elliott up on my insurance (there is a 30 day window)
  • interview the pediatrician
  • decide on a birth control method
  • look into WW for after the baby arrives, and find out the protocol for nursing mom’s
  • Check on the classes offered at the hospital, enroll if any sound beneficial
  • Get paperwork, insurance docs, medical file, etc. ready for the hospital bag
  • get email/phone list prepared for when I go into Labor

I think that is it for now. I will add more items to the list as needed!


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