Last week, we went to the Starlite. We were searching high and low for a new restaurant to visit, and when this one came up in conversation we were all excited. They just opened last week, so they weren’t busy yet!

What I didn’t realize before we decide to go there was how connected all of the people were at this place. Apparently, the owners also own the Casbah, Turf Club, and the Whistle Stop just to name a few. The chef (Travis), is my hair stylists husband and went to culinary school with our friends friends from SF. Turns out the waiter is a guy my husband went to college with or played in a band with (or something like that), and one of the waitresses, is/was a bartender at the Casbah and now is a facial gal, as well as one of my hair stylists sisters and the chef’s sister-in-law. Such a small world!

The restaurant was beautiful! The decor, lighting, ambiance, etc. was like no other. The food was mostly organic, and locally grown. The drinks were unique and tasty (I would recommend the Mule). My meal was undercooked (forgivable since this is their first week being open), but I sent it back and they prepared a whole new meal for me. It tasted delicious. The prices were a little on the high side for my pocketbook. But, I don’t feel that they were too high for the quality of the meal, or the overall dining experience. The drinks were priced reasonably, and the wine list was nice.

All in all, a good experience. I might not go back in for dinner, but I would certainly go back for an appetizer and a drink. They also have a hidden out door patio in the back. **Sweet** To read other reviews, go here.


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