Toothpaste Recall

I was struck by a news report this morning on NPR. It was alerting folks to a recall of Colgate toothpaste in several east coast states. The recall is due to a chemical discovered in the toothpaste that is also found in anti-freeze. This chemical apparently has been found in several other products imported from other countries as well.

The part that struck me was that the recalled toothpaste is being sold at discount stores. Do the stores know they are importing products that are counterfeit? Are they doing this with the knowledge that the company does not manufacture products in the country they are importing them from? Do they read the labels and see that words are being misspelled?

I am concerned about the fact that these products are being sold in discount stores where the patrons are often on tight budgets. The clientele it seems are less likely to be aware of recalls, and therefore more at risk for harm. This seems somehow unfair, and it left me feeling sad and at a loss for words on how to properly express how I feel. This was the best I could do for now.


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