That crazy cat

This morning, I was in the bathroom putting the finishing touches on my morning beauty regimen, running late as usual these days, when I hear this odd noise coming from our living room.

It sounded like a scratching noise. My ears perk up, and my curiosity is piqued. We left 2 large boxes in the middle of the LR that had been delivered the previous evening, containing a baby shower gift (check out our new fancy stroller!). On top of the boxes was a bunch of other baby stuff that we had purchased last night. I immediately thought the cat was messing around with the babies things, maybe clawing at the boxes, or biting holes in the plastic bags (she has a weird habit of doing this…).

I go out to the living room, scan the area–and don’t see the cat. But, I hear the noise again. I look over at fire place, and there is a cat tail hanging from inside of the chimney!!!

The cat, in spite of all of our efforts to block her entry into the fire place (she has tried to climb in on several other occasions)–had found her way into the fireplace, and clawed her way up into the chimney. I managed to extract her, track her down behind the stereo cabinet, wipe her down with a towel, and not get my white shirt dirty. Did I mention that I was wearing a skirt, crawling on my hands and knees trying to catch her.

Hopefully, she is still around when we get home and hasn’t pulled a santa claws (lol) up the entire chimney…I think we might want to close the flue moving forward.


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