Since I can no longer drink alcohol with the love and fervor of yesteryear, I have resorted to the next best (and equally addictive) thing…Coffee!

I have always had a love for coffee. My earliest memory is of my Mom and her girlfriend DeeAnn sitting in the living room, my Mom smoking Lark Longs, laughing over a game of backgammon. They filled up the coffee carafe with water, and brought me into the kitchen. I must have only been 4 or 5 years old. They sat me on the counter to test my strength –watching to see if I could lift the coffee carafe when it was full of water. I laugh at this memory, and how excited I was to make them happy.

I started drinking coffee when I was about 13 or 14 years old. Of course loaded up with cream and sugar (little has changed). I have switched preferences over the years varying from dry creamer and sugar, to only coffee mate, to liquid creamer, splenda, regular sugar, raw sugar, milk, half and half, flavored coffee, iced coffee, blended coffee, and now decaf coffee.

I love a good cup of regular coffee (decaf a requirement these days though). My preference is a HOT (not luke warm) vanilla latte, made with Italian Coffee. Cafe Moto is my SD favorite. Not from one of the 230 Starbucks in the SD area either, I prefer a local coffee house.

I could go to my Aunt’s house, my Mother in Law’s, or my Mom’s house and almost be guaranteed a nice cup o’joe. It seems to be a familial trait. One that I am happy to share.


I am going to take a lesson from my friends blog, who has designed her posts around a theme of Gratitude. I think I need to come back to basics and find my center again. I was out there in the cosmos for a while. Perhaps I need some humility (and perspective) to bring me back home again. So, in an attempt to be more grounded here is my list.

I am grateful for many things today (these are in no particular order):

1. a healthy pregnancy
2. an easy conception (as many of my friends are struggling, and I cant imagine my personality type would fare well with that)
3. enough money so that the early transition from DINKS to parents has been low impact on the budget (so far!)
4. supportive, loving and very generous friends and family
5. a great employer (who I am hopeful will approve my maternity plan in its entirety)
6. a funny, smart sometimes too hard working husband
7. a house just big enough to accommodate all 3 of us, and a dog and a cat
8. a huge back yard, that our son will love to play in
9. urban living-something both hubby and I didn’t experience growing up in the burbs
10. good health care (for all its draw backs and complaints)