Is this my last weekend alone…ever?

Hubby is going out of town this weekend to visit his friends in Santa Fe. I am excited for him to spend some time one-on-one with his BF. They are going to camp, hike, drink (way to much if I know these two), likely not shower, brush their teeth or cook. I am grateful that hubby gets to spend this time with BF before Elliott is born. I know that hubby is in need of some R&R, and away from my incessant nesting.

On the other side of the coin, I realized that not only is this likely Jeff’s last weekend alone before our son is born, but this is my last weekend alone too. I am flying solo this weekend, and moving forward will probably not have the house to myself for a long time to come.

As such, I have been planning to the minute what I am going to do, and how I am going to enjoy my alone time.

1. Friday night-girls night out
2. Saturday early morning-girls coffee date
3. Saturday afternoon-a needed massage, and lunch with a girlfriend
4. Saturday night-a movie, perhaps the gym with my book, or the bookstore
5. Sunday-sleeping in as late as a I like, on the entire bed (whoohoo!)
6. Sunday-coffee and a walk with the dog, maybe a breakfast date with a girlfriend

Notice, that no where in this description is there anything about chores, responsibilities, or anyone but me, me, me!!! Boy, am I selfish or what!


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