Pirate Truck Driver

Hubby and I were at the dog park yesterday, letting the bup-scout run around. I had a verbal exchange with another couple at the dog park, and I said something like, oh don’t worry about our dog, he is a pussy. My hubby said, that I shouldn’t cuss so early in the morning (a long standing inside joke we have, since I have the mouth of a pirate truck driver).

I got to thinking about my statement, and what the word pussy means, and where it comes from and how I used it that early Sunday morning. I was disappointed in myself for using such a word, as I consider myself educated. I then got to thinking about other words in my vernacular that connote similar meaning-bitch, bastard, slut, etc.

I have vowed today to use more descriptive language for my feelings, and less slang that could and often does have negative, sexist, and oppressive meanings. Should you hear me use such language, I challenge you to call me on it. Make me think about what I mean, and come up with a better way to describe the situation.

On a separate note, check this article out. I found it interesting.


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