I am going to take a lesson from my friends blog, who has designed her posts around a theme of Gratitude. I think I need to come back to basics and find my center again. I was out there in the cosmos for a while. Perhaps I need some humility (and perspective) to bring me back home again. So, in an attempt to be more grounded here is my list.

I am grateful for many things today (these are in no particular order):

1. a healthy pregnancy
2. an easy conception (as many of my friends are struggling, and I cant imagine my personality type would fare well with that)
3. enough money so that the early transition from DINKS to parents has been low impact on the budget (so far!)
4. supportive, loving and very generous friends and family
5. a great employer (who I am hopeful will approve my maternity plan in its entirety)
6. a funny, smart sometimes too hard working husband
7. a house just big enough to accommodate all 3 of us, and a dog and a cat
8. a huge back yard, that our son will love to play in
9. urban living-something both hubby and I didn’t experience growing up in the burbs
10. good health care (for all its draw backs and complaints)


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