On some subjects I would consider myself well researched and knowledgeable. I try and make educated decisions and to think things through (this of course is a difficult task in many situations). There are some issues however, that no matter how educated, logical, or strongly you feel about something-others are going to have very emotional opinions about that same topic on the other side of the spectrum. For example, there is no getting around the issue of circumcision now that we are having a son.

I feel very strongly, in fact emphatically about not circumcising our son. I have shared my thoughts, research and beliefs with my husband and he trusts me and agrees with my logic and ethical considerations.

I want to share my thoughts here for everyone to know so that when you find out that our son is not going to be circumcised or as I would prefer to say– remain intact. You will know why:

1. as a male child you are born with foreskin. Since this is something you are born with, I do not feel the need to force its removal (especially with out your consent).
2. if at a later time my son decides to have his foreskin removed, he may elect to do so.
3. there is no compelling medical evidence that requires its removal.

If you would like to research some additional sites that helped to support my decision, please see the following:
Please also note that Dr. Sears does not encourage it, nor does the AAP (American Association of Pediatrics), AMA (American Medical Association) and the AAFP (American Association of Family Physicians). And if the Americas weren’t enough–the medical associations in the UK, Canada and Australia also do not recommend the surgery.
While there may be a small increase in the risk (this is the key word here–notice that it isn’t definitive) of UTI for intact children, this seems to be the only statistical evidence I could find to support circumcision. And that is not enough to convince me that it is medically necessary.
Please feel free to comment. But, you will be unlikely to change my mind on this issue.


One thought on “Intact

  1. I respect your and Jeff’s decision. In my experience people will want to convince you to make the same choice that they did — either to circumcise, or to leave intact — in order to make themselves feel better about their own choices. I think this goes the same for a lot of things in life, but none as important as deciding whether to pull out a knife.

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